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Refund Can be applied in days
Monthly Plans – 7 days
Yearly Plans – 7 days


Hostreboot holds the right to cancel or suspend any service at any time. If the cancellation or suspension was made because of the violation of our TOS, no refund would be provided. Refund is only applicable for Managed shared hosting users only in case they cancel services within the 7 days. You can cancel your account or service within 7 days of purchase to get the refund. You Have to provide a valid reason for cancellation or Refund. Refund is only if problems related server and also we don’t support on third-party apps and code.


We provide a 7 Days refund on all Web Hosting packages with the following conditions:


1. Refunds are limited to one per customer (i.e. multiple services don’t qualify or multiple signups).
2. Refunds are not granted to accounts closed for TOS violations.
3. Existing product upgrade or downgrade will not be refunded, user will be responsible for the action.
4. No refund will be provided for Domain Name (Registration, Renewal & Transfer) / Domain privacy / SSL certificates / Reseller Hosting / VPS / Dedicated Servers / Clusters / Addons /  Licenses / Extra IP / Website Development.
5. If already have product and order new product then no refund policy work.
6. No refund will be made if our team not found any issue in your Hosting plan from our side.
7. No refund will be made if your Service(s) is suspended (due to Email Marketing/Email Abuse/Misuse of our service/Inappropriate/Illegal/Immoral/Account Over-use) or terminated.


NOTE:- The refund policy is terminated if purchases are made with promotions. Sales made during Black Friday / Cyber Monday or such events are not applicable for refunds.

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